Q:  How long do the tours last?

Our trolley tours last about 3 1/2 hours and the haunted craft beer walks average about 3 hours.

Q:  Do people actually experience a ghost on the tours?

Although apparitions have been seen on our tours, we can never promise something will happen.

Q: Why is Alton so haunted?

We think it is a combination of three things: the confluence of the rivers, the huge amount of limestone and the traumatic events that are part of Alton's history.

Q: Will we get interesting photos?

Most people do. Orbs and strange lights are most common, but occasionally someone will capture an entity in a photo. If you get something good - we hope you will share it with us!

Q: Can we bring alcohol on the tour?

Sorry, we do not allow alcohol on the trolley tours - out of respect to our non-drinking guests. If you enjoy adult beverages, try the new Haunted Craft Beer Walk which includes five different five-ounce pours of Old Bakery Beer in five different haunted locations!

Q: Where do the tours begin?

All tours begin at My Just Desserts, 31 East Broadway in Alton, IL. The building is both historic and haunted.

Q: Are there age restrictions for the tour?

Yes, you must be 21+ with a valid photo ID to attend the Craft Beer Walk. Trolley tours are appropriate for ages 14+.