Historical Tours

Alton Odyssey Tours is thrilled to announce that we are expanding our services to include year-round historical tours! For more than 30 years we have faithfully told Alton's stories and taken you behind the bricks where historic events have taken place. We strive to uncover the mysteries of what they would tell us "if these walls could talk."

Alton History Tour

This three-hour shuttle tour includes:

- The legend of the man-eating Piasa Bird

- Remains of the infamous Alton Prison

- The Lovejoy Monument – a tribute to our nation’s first martyr to freedom of the press

- Robert Wadlow Statue – the tallest man who ever lived

- Small Pox Island – the final resting place of 260 Confederate prisoners buried near this site

Alton History Tours take place on September 16 and November 25 beginning at 3 pm at 31 East Broadway, Alton, IL, home of My Just Desserts (a great place for lunch before the tour!)

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